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About the NLC Uganda

NLC Uganda is a multi-stakeholder platform which brings together various local and international organisations, private sector and research institutions working on land and natural resource governance in the country. It has a membership of over 35 organizations. The coalition is hosted by Land and equity Movement in Uganda (LEMU). LEMU manages the NLC grants and hosts the NLC secretariat.

The goal of the coalition is; To promote people centred land governance through policy and practice change in adherence to Uganda’s Vision 2040.

Objectives of the coalition include;

  • To build a competent coalition of non-state actors working collaboratively to address land governance challenges in Uganda.
  • To influence the formulation and implementation of people centered and gender-responsive land laws and policies in Uganda.
  • To strengthen capacity of land actors to effectively advocate for people centered land governance
  • To collect, generate and manage land governance data to facilitate evidence-based advocacy interventions on land.
  • To mobilize resources for implementation of the strategy priority areas

The NLC Strategy in Uganda is implemented through 8 thematic Groups, including;

  1. Tenure systems and land inequality
  2. Land corruption and accountability
  3. Natural Resource Management and Climate change
  4. Food systems in Uganda
  5. Land Rights defenders
  6. Land and Investment
  7. Women, Youth and other Vulnerable Groups
  8. Urbanization and Housing

Committee Members

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