NLC Governance

NLC Host

The Land and Equity Movement of Uganda (LEMU) currently host the NLC Secretariat/ Coordination

The NLC Steering Committee

The Uganda NLC Steering Committee is responsible for rolling out the NLC process in Uganda, supported by the facilitator. It is composed of Eleven (11) members (8 female and 3 male) from the National and International organizations and government ministries.

The Thematic Groups

The NLC in Uganda is implemented through five Thematic Groups. These are:

  1. Land Governance – currently led by LANDnet Uganda.
  2. Gender, Land and Vulnerable Groupscurrently led by Uganda Community Based Association for Child Welfare (UCOBAC)
  3. Land and Investment.- currently led by Saferwold
  4. Natural Resources Management.- currently led by Food  Rights  Alliance
  5. Human Rights defenders – currently led by

Thematic Groups contribute to the broader objectives of NLC Uganda by providing a multi-stakeholder platform across public, private and not-for-profit stakeholders to share experiences, learn from good practices and draw lessons from failures on a particular thematic area and as such strengthening people centered land governance.

NLC Facilitator

The NLC Uganda secretariat is led by the NLC facilitator. The secretariat coordinates the functions of the platform and reports to the Steering Committee. The NLC facilitator facilitates the work of NLC/MSP platform and manages and coordinates the implementation of the annual NLC action plan.

Frances Birungi-Odong
Frances Birungi Odong - NES Uganda Chair
Dr. Doreen Nancy Kobusingye is the current NES Uganda Facilitator.
Dr. Doreen Nancy Kobusingye - NES Uganda Facilitator